What is the DECchip 21140 and why my wireless is working???!?


I am totally new with Linux/OpenSuse…
I got Virtual Machine on my laptop (Dell D630), and i set the openSuse 11.3 on it.
Any way, i am now using the internet from the VM - openSuse but!!!
I am trying to figure what is my network adapter.
In my Dell i have the -Intel PRO /Wireless 3945ABG but when checking it with YaST in the VM/openSuse, i see that my network adapter is DECchip 21140 …
Nothing about the REAL wireless adapter.

My question is - is this normal? How can i “see” the 3945ABG ?
Do i need to install something first?



You are running openSUSE in a VM?

As you might know, the “V” stands for virtual, so you “only” have virtual Hardware.

Also, because it’s a virtual NIC and not your physical NIC, it will show up as a wired network rather than a wireless network. As long as the wireless is working on the host OS you shouldn’t have any issue with the network in your guest os.