What is the current most optimal HW and SW for Wayland?

Hello. The Linux Desktop is still mostly ignored by even Linux community but what’s news on the graphical front now? The AMD made a great step in chipmaking last months and they gain 150% year-to-year shares rising. So, what usefull for Linux hardware we can take from them now?
The main topic is simple: what is the most optimal desktop Linux distro and hardware (CPU and external GPU) we can combine to use modern high-end graphics and Wayland? Of course, it should be user-friendly distro. I think, the main distros are: Arch-based, Red Hat-based and Debian-based derivatives (I don’t like APT manager so, prefer other distros therefore but maybe it’s the most stable and optimal way to use modern graphics, don’t know). And what modern desktops we can use? Only Gnome (and Gnome-based) or KDE is fine too?

Rule 1: avoid the combo NVIDIA + Wayland
Rule 2: avoid the combo Plasma5 + Wayland

Yes, that’s it in a nutshell, although I have played with Plasma (Wayland) with openSUSE running as a VirtualBox guest.

Not so bad Gnome as it’s GTK. So, without QT the high-end graphics seems impossible. Dead end. We shouldn’t use both - GTK and QT together, it’s not optimal