What is the correct partition type for aopenSUSE root alocated with OS/2 LVM?

I have a desktop running ArcaOS, a re-branded OS/2. I used the OS/2 LVM to create a logical drive for openSUSE root. Should I specify the partition type as Linux/LVM (8E) or as Linux?

Linux is not very fussy about the partition type flag. So just use what works best with ArcaOS.

Are you going to use LVM with openSUSE? If yes, then keep 0x8E. Will it use it for Linux RAID? Then change it to 0xFD. Otherwise, change it to 0x83. ArcaOS booted, if it hasn’t been enhanced to be more astute than eCS WRT Linux partitions, will be ignoring it regardless.

I don’t plan to explicitly manage partitions and logical drives under Linux; I do that in the OS/2 LVM. I only have one hard drive, so RAID isn’t an issue. Other than FreeDOS, everything is on a logical drive rather than a primary partition.