What Is The Best Way (Or Is It Even Possible) To Sync A Blackberry Bold 9000?


I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 that I would like to be able to sync with Kmail. Once I do this, I can be rid of the last bit of Windows I own (Windows Vista) on my laptop. Also, will I still be able to perform Blackberry software updates as required from my Linux sync? Once I have this solved I can get rid of Windows, and put OpenSuse on my laptop too.


unfortunately there isn’t. RIM the developers of Blackberry don’t even think about supporting Linux. I have a BB and i still use my wife’s computer with Windows7 to backup the device (i don’t try to sync with Outlook or anything). Lucky for me openSuse recognize it as a mobile drive so i could at least transfer some music to it.

There is an open source solution for using your BB as a tethering device, but that’s about it right now. More features are planned for later (install apps, sync etc…)
Check here:
Berry4all - Blackberry support for the rest of us [Berry4All]

On 03/17/2011 05:06 AM, Harpo1 wrote:
> I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 that I would like to be able to sync with
> Kmail.

this might help: a nice email asking RIM if they would please help
some linux developers craft a linux client to work with the BB . . .

if all Linux and BB users did that, RIM might get around to it . . .

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