What is the best virtual machine to run windows?

Hi everyone, I have openSUSE 11.2 x64 natively installed on my PC.

What is the best virtual machine that I can run on openSUSE in order to run XP Pro x64 and Windows 7 x64.

By best I mean opensource, lightweight, and stable.


Virtual Box
You can get the PUEL version not opensource but free for personal use
Virtual Box (Sun Version) Install HowTo - openSUSE Forums

You can install the OSE from the suse repo’s

VirtualBox (also available as an open source version with some features missing). Easy to use, supports multiple operating systems, snapshots, seamless mode, never crashed on me. Perfect for hassle-free and simple virtualization.

“Lightweight” is hardly possible, though. Virtualization software provides a fully working operating system, and to do so it needs the same ressources as it would on a regular machine.

VirtualBox is amazing, fast, userfriendly, very stable, available for many OS in binary form, i.e Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Solaris, as well as in sources for BSD ports collections.

‘Unfortunately’ … it’s hard to tell what Oracle (who just acquired Sun, and so MySQL and VirtualBox) is planning to do with that remarquable piece of sotware. I’m slowly considering moving to KVM.

yes, VirtualBox PUEL edition from the Sun Website as it supports USB devices if you want to print,scan,copy etc…

I too vote for VirtualBox even though I have the same concerns mentioned by please_try_again.

Cool thanks people. I installed Virtual Box and it is awesome.

I would even join: “Java, MySQL and VirtualBox”. But if I well recall, the opensource version should be OK even if they go out of mind (then we just loose the USB option in virtualbox) and if we really thing THAT way, we would have stopped to use Linux in the very moment SCO rotfl! did start the never-ending story. Then, why should Oracle destroy it’s own preeminent user base instead of opting for a business model like Novell? They would even create the bases of future refusals of fusions in Europe (since the EU Commission did evaluate the risk of dominant position low in the current context - and they are going to show they where wrong?? Do not think so.)

If you need a handy solution running XP and other operating systems in Linux (especially if you have currently non-substitutable win software then Virtual Box seems also for me the best solution.