what is the 3rd repository for in Tumbleweed?


I am a beginner in Tumbleweed.
Please tell me the following.

I looked at the repository in YaST, what is the 3rd repository for?
Will updates come from the 1st and 2nd?

3rd.openSUSE-Tumbleweed-Update <—?

Occasionally an update is important enough that it shouldn’t wait until QA is done testing its next release to be published. Less urgent updates wait for normal publishing.

Thank you for your comment.
That means 1st and 2nd = for the next iso
3rd = for urgent
Is this my understanding correct?

Yes. You will hardly see Update used in Tumbleweed.

On the contrary, in Leap it is the normal way to offer patches/updates during the lifetime of a openSUSE version. In Leap the OSS and non-OSS repos will not change during the lifetime of a version.

So, complete different handling between Leap and Tumbleweed here.

Thank you for deepening my understanding.:wink: