What is npviewer.bin? Why it takes all computer's power?

What is npviewer.bin? Why it takes all computer’s power?

It’s related to flash-player in 64bit I think, the package nspluginwrapper supplies it
Flash player is 32 bit arch, this enables it’s use in a 64 bit environment.

Hm, though running a 32bit system, I also have this package:

kalle@hoppers:~> locate npview

I remember npviewer.bin being pretty annoying when having watched Flash-content: after finishing Flash it would still appear in my process-list untill manually killed. This got solved by some update I suppose, at least Flash is behaving nicely over here since a while now.

You can delete it on 32 bit. I have. And flash is fine.
I bug reported this yonks ago, back in 11.1 the same behaviour. It seemed to get installed by default. Yet I remember helping folk who, with _64, had managed to install flash-player and yet not have nspluginwrapper! Strange…

I have, and I’m using the 64bit flash player alpha preview.

Adobe Labs - Flash Player 10 for 64-bit Linux

This explains why I don’t see npviewer.bin anymore… yet it doesn’t explain why it was actually running some weeks ago. Well… thanks for the pointer, caf.

Are there some advantages here Mike? Other than presumably it not requiring nspluginwrapper?

I’ve tried the stock flash player, 10.1 beta 1 till 3, and the alpha 64 bit flash player, I don’t see much performance difference across them.

So I don’t think there’s any advantage apart from not requiring nspluginwrapper. In fact the 64 bit plugin does not yet support rtmp, meaning no Hulu etc…

However nspluginwrapper with 10.1 beta is not 100% reliable, less stable than the 64bit plugin.

But I do notice that the latest version of nspluginwrapper in build service is 1.2.2 while the latest one available in svn is 1.3(?). And in fact 1.3 is quoted as “Major feature enhancements” on the project website. Maybe things have improved a bit :\

netscape plugin viewer

It’s used, most of the time, to play some flash animations in firefox . Often these are unsuseful commercial ads.
To disable them, you can donload and install the “pref bar” plugin for firefox.
Otherwise you can use the adblock+ plugin for firefox to avoid commercial ads.

Hope that helps.

Well I use adblock+ already. But I wonder why npviewer requires so much of processing power to 100% load processor for hours?

npviewer is a hog but it should not use 100% of the cpu.

If it is still running after you shut down the browser then you should kill it. Use

ps -A | grep npviewer

to get the PID (Process ID) then

kill PID where PID is the number found above.

Of course that is just a work around not a solution to the actual problem.

In a terminal do this and post result:

uname -a

Because flash and all the other plugin animations for firefox are very cpu consuming, especially flash which is a real pain…

Ok but what it does if all browser windows are closed?

For some reason the npviewer is not shutting down. It is supposed to. Why it is not for you I don’t know. If you follow the procedure I outlined above you can force it to shutdown.

As to the fix Maybe try uninstalling npviewer and reinstalling it. Also look for newer version.

Well, as many ads plugins, it’s probably buggy…

I have uninstalled that pluginwrapper junk as well, and the 64-bit Flash works fine for me.
It works just as well as the 32-bit version. This far, I didn’t find a single website where Flash wouldn’t work with the 64-bit plugin. Youtube, Redtube and all other video sites I visited work fine.

Christophe deR wrote:

> Ansus;2134708 Wrote:
>> Ok but what it does if all browser windows are closed?
> Well, as many ads plugins, it’s probably buggy…

The lastest drops of Firefox have begun to run the Acrobat viewer as a
separate session independent app - that cured my hangups. This, BTW, was a
driving force behind the Mozilla decision to split such apps from the
browser - put the blame for lockups where it belongs.

Will Honea

Are you sure you meant to include this site? Or was it just for completeness?

LOL, I don’t think so. Don’t even have to check to know what’s on that tube.