What is nepomuk actually doing?

I don’t use Kmail or Korganizer. Does it handle popup notifications too? I get messages it has crashed sometimes when I reboot. It doesn’t seem to speed up indexing any. What all is it supposed to do?
12.1 and KDE as shipped.

In my experience, the way you have nepomuk is similar to the way I have it. Or Had it. In essence for you in its present state, nothing really, except be annoying.
There are 2 alternatives available to you:

  1. just disable it & be done with it this is best done as such:
    a. KIckoff>Configure Desktop>Desktop Search
    b. Uncheck the Enable Nepomuk Desktop Search box click Apply
    c.Open up ~/.kde4/share/config/
    d. find the kdedrc file add this line if it’s not there or change the line to read that file like so

Since you say you don’t really use nepomuk I recommend alternative 1.

However if you feel adventurous you can try
2) Use Nepomuk along with Strigi, though this vid was made for Kubuntu 10.10 the proceedures shown still apply.
Desktop Search - Nepomuk Strigi & Faceted Browsing - Kubuntu 10.10 - YouTube
Happy computing!

Which is a good answer on how to switch it off. And is almost certain what the OP also wants to know.

But it fails to answer the title of this thread and also the last question of the OP: " What all is it supposed to do?"
And the OP is not the only one who wants to know :wink:

As long as turning it off doesn’t interfere with popup notifications and my clock I am good for turning it off.

I guess I’ll know once I turn it off ;p

/usr/bin/nepomukserver still shows up as active in a htop search.

I did get some delayed popup messages about it being disabled after a reboot after disabling it and editing kdedrc.



Is how my .kde4>share>config>kdedrc looks.

I put in the vid link in case the OP was curious & my secondary reason for my placing the video link, it’s a complete explanation of how it works from an end user POV.

If anyone is interested I took it all out & set Dolphin to show the Filter bar it works just as well without the resource usage of the nepo/strigi combo.
To get the Dolphin filter bar just open Dolphin go to Settings select Configure Dolphin Under the startup tab check the Show filter bar box.

Hmm, when I did mine that way I only had it pop up once I did that after I installed 4.8 hasn’t happened since. Everything else like your clock still works right? My pop up notifications work.

Personally, I think /usr/bin/nepomukserver is supposed to be that way, in case you throw out your .kde4 all I can be is wrong about that.

I appologize. I thought that the Video would show how to switch it off. I did not realise that it also would tell something about what the creature is supposed to do.

I am going to look at it. Thanks for explaining to me.

No Prob just glad I could help!

It’s working fine business here with it disabled.
I guess it’s useful to some but it’s unnecessary to others.
I use “File System” “Find Files” in the System menu to search for stuff I’ve lost.

Is it normal to get the nepomuk disabled messages several (3) in the notifier some time after you boot up every time?

No, this could be a bug. #258171](https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=258171)

Some other useful references:
Taming Akonadi and Nepomuk
How to Disable Nepomuk & Akonadi

[LEFT]Comment 3 on that bug report offers a fix.

Alexander Potashev 2011-06-26 18:14:27 UTC[/LEFT]
This is how Nepomuk feeders can be disables (including error messages from them):

  1. Go to /usr/share/akonadi/agents/
  2. Remove “Autostart” from the “X-Akonadi-Capabilities” parameter in all files named nepomuk*.desktop (nepomukcalendarfeeder.desktop, nepomukcontactfeeder.desktop, …)
  3. Run “akonadiconsole” and remove all resources related to Nepomuk
  4. You might also need to run “kbuildsycoca4” after editing .desktop files, but I’m not sure if it’s necessary

As the bug reports say this shouldn’t do this and it should be fixed buy KDE devs. It should not require hacking your system to make it go away. It should not require installing KDE version that didn’t ship with your distro and release. I guess I’ll just have to live with it since the KDE devs don’t care what the users think or want or need. I don’t want to hack my systems these are daily drivers and I can’t have them broken by my mucking something up.

Kinda miffs me.