What is "metamode"

I am running suse 11.2 64bit, with an nvidia geforce 9500 gt video card with 1gig mem. I have little or no experience with video, and have generally used onboard video until now. After receiving the recent kernel update I have lost effective video with my webcame running in my virtual machines in XP Pro. While trying to track down the problem I have come across a few things that puzzle me; first, in windows, I have color depth of 32bit true color and in the linux side in x it is 24bit- why? Also stumbled on to “metamode” which provides a list of various resolutions mine is set at 1 1920 x 1200 +0 +0 and down the list is 1920 x 1200 60_0 +0 +0 what is the Dif. what does the 60_0 mean etc?? Does this make any difference at all? Could it be causing my problems with the web cam in virtual windows? And finally is there a particular web sight that could give good instructions on managing video cards?

Appendix G. Configuring TwinView

Very interesting. I’m beginning to “look around” for new (more current) hardware and found that very informative.