What is KDE4 Kickoff "Reduce Menu Depth"?

I’ve ticked and unticked the box several million times in the kickoff settings, but can’t figure out what this is for. Can anyone clue me in?

I presume, if you have Kickoff installed, that it reduces the number of lists that appear each time you make a selection by combining some of the separate lists into a single longer list.

Indeed, I found just by trying this out with the multimedia section of my menu, when reduced was not checked I had categories like audio player, cd player, media editing, video player, volume control. With this even if there’s only one application in a category it’s still under a separate sub-menu. When reduced is checked I only have audio player and video player as more expandable lists because they have two or more applications in them. The rest of the would be single sub-menus are in the main multimedia menu as kmix, handbrake, Kscd, and K3b.

So yes, it gets rid of unnecessary sub-menus.

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That’s it! I didn’t have enough menu entries to notice it until I tried it on the multimedia section. Thanks.