What is firefox-kde-opensuse (Firefox Global Menu Integration)

Lately I’ve become interested in using Plasma with the Global Menu widget. Of course that includes Firefox, and after some research I’ve found that it works “out of the box” in KDE neon and in Arch-based distros when using firefox-kde-opensuse from the AUR. Naturally I tried in Tumbleweed but I could not get Global Menu integration for Firefox working (even when installing libdbusmenu-* and appmenu-gtk). My conclusion is that firefox-kde-opensuse is not Tumbleweed’s Firefox, contrary to what the name would indicate. Is there a way to get Firefox to integrate into the Global Menu widget in Tumbleweed, ideally using only default (e.g. secure) repositories?

No. If you peek into the patch from other distros you’ll understand why, it’s pretty invasive as mentioned in the thread you brought up.

I don’t find the menu bar terribly useful in browsers, so if you’re concerned about aestectics I’d suggest hiding the menu bar in Firefox (Customize -> Toolbars). It’s still available by pressing the Alt key.

Thanks awerlang for letting me know. If there was a secure, non-hacky way of doing it, it would be fun to try, but you’re probably right, it’s probably not all that useful anyways.