what is failsafe

Hi everybody

When sometimes i have problem to boot normally in opensuse,instead i try to boot into failsafe which i tought it is supposed to rescue me from that situation.

honestly ,i don’t know what exactly failsafe is ,that is just an assumption based on the name.

anyways,i tried failsafe couple of times,and it just goes thru the booting process like opensuse,but at the end it gives me a totally blank screen with the cursur in the middle of it and nothing else.I try enter ,delete,escape or whatever that i can think of at the moment ,but it does nothing.

Can somebody please explain what exactly failsafe is and when we are supposed to use it and how?


failsafe mode is generally used as like safe mode used in windows…
which would not load any drivers but just login to your account so that you can work on it…

i also had this problem once… but cleared it after repairing the system from the dvd