What is conncheck.opensuse.org?

Due to some connectivity issues I found out about something called “conncheck.opensuse.org”. It seems to get hit by my network connection at regular intervals and seems to be the cause of my connection dropping into limited connectivity mode, but I haven’t been able to find out what it is. I have however found out how to turn it off which seems to have had no ill effects in the short term.

What is it?

Have I caused problems for myself by turning it off?

Should see no side affects from disabling, it’s just a keepalive, plus there are some infrastructure issues at the moment.

There is a bug report about the issue;

Yeah, it’s my report :slight_smile: but I didn’t think it was an appropriate place to ask these questions.

What’s the keep alive for?

It’s just a simple check on whether your Internet connection is still good.

People are reporting seeing yellow flags in the NetworkManager icon because of problems with conncheck.

How do you turn it off?

I found it here conncheck.opensuse.org