What is clearing my tty console after boot?

Hello, I have a fresh Tumbleweed server installation booting to console. I want the console boot messages to persist, instead of having the screen cleared before the login prompt.

Currently I’ve managed to reach the end of boot sequence and see the login prompt with all the messages retained, but within 5 seconds the screen is cleared and the login prompt re-appears on top! What could be the cause of that?

Please note:

  • I boot with plymouth.enable=0 in the kernel cmdline.
  • The quiet and splash=silent parameters have been removed from the kernel cmdline.
  • The systemd unit getty@tty1.service has TTYVTDisallocate=no as an OpenSUSE default
  • Regarding /etc/issue I have the default auto-generated one, but I don’t see something in there that would clear the screen. In fact the screen is not cleared when issue is written to the tty, but 5s later.

If you show you actual kernel command line (instead of describing some parts of it) someone may be able to reproduce and investigate it.

It’s a fresh Tumbleweed server install. I describe all the changes (or attempts) I have done after doing research on my issue. Here is the full kernel commandline:

> cat /proc/cmdline
BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-6.1.8-1-default root=UUID=xxx mitigations=auto security=apparmor plymouth.enable=0

Same problem I have reported here.

I work around it by removing the /etc/issue symlink, creating an /etc/issue regular file, and uninstalling issue-generator.

Thanks, this helped a lot! I figured out it’s because the network interface gets IP address after the login prompt shows up, and agetty re-prints issue because it contains info about the network.

Filed a ticket in the util-linux project.

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