What is causing this initialization problem?


I followed this official tutorialfor install the virtualbox and tried these here too (at least the links that still working…) but doesn’t work.

What I’m doing wrong?

The error:


Your VirtualBox is working fine.

The “error” you see comes from the guest that you installed inside VirtualBox.
These are no errors though, these are just log messages from the Firewall, and some debug output of the keyboard driver.

Your actual problem seems to be that the guest doesn’t boot to a graphical system, right?

Well, you didn’t specify what you use as host and what you use as guest.
But if the guest is openSUSE Tumbleweed, you might experience this problem:

Uninstall the package virtualbox-guest-x11 in the guest.
You should get to a text mode login by pressing Right-Ctrl (“Host” key) + F1, login as root and enter:

zypper rm virtualbox-guest-x11

This will remove the VirtualBox video driver, but the GUI should start then using a generic driver.

Hi! Thanks. I did it, but still something wrong:


Ok, this only removed the video driver, try to remove the other guest packages as well:

sudo zypper rm virtualbox-guest-kmp-default virtualbox-guest-tools

And please clarify whether my assumptions are right, i.e. is this an openSUSE Tumbleweed guest or not.

I notice messages about “syslog-ng” on your screenshot, but syslog-ng is not installed by default in openSUSE (since years).
So this is not a standard fresh installation, is it?

I also see apparmor “DENIED” messages regarding syslog-ng there, which very well may cause the boot failure.
Many system services depend on a successfully started/working syslog service.

So try to remove syslog-ng as well and see if it helps.
Or try to disable apparmor

sudo systemctl disable apparmor

Hi, you’re right: this is not a fresh installation. But I don’t have the “syslog-ng” installed.

Any way, the problem was the appamor.

Many thanks.

Apparently you do, according to the screenshot you posted.

Something is trying to start it (which would not be possible if it wasn’t installed), and it is being blocked by apparmor (its “syslog-ng” profile).

Please post the output of:

rpm -qa | grep syslog

(from the guest)

Any way, the problem was the appamor.

Well, the problem is not apparmor really.
apparmor is a security feature.

The real problem is either that the syslog-ng profile is too strict for your use case, or syslog-ng is wrongly configured and does things it shouldn’t do.
(and apparmor’s purpose is to prevent that)

Disabling apparmor is not really the proper solution, as it makes your system more insecure.
(It’s of course your decision whether you bother about that, or can live with it… :wink: )

PS: I see now that those apparmor DENIED messages regarding syslog-ng are already shown in your first screenshot, so that likely was the original problem after all.

You could try to reinstall the virtualbox guest packages therefore (virtualbox-guest-kmp-default, virtualbox-guest-x11, virtualbox-guest-tools), though I’m not sure that the vboxvideo driver works at all currently.

The SDB you used is very old and some information not accurate (Originally created in 2012, links in the SDB are to openSUSE 12.1).

I didn’t even know that SDB existed, it should either be updated or disabled.


And first and foremost it only tells how to install virtualbox (from Oracle) on the (openSUSE) host, not how to install openSUSE as guest (which should not be special anyway).
So irrelevant for a guest problem…

In any case, this seems more like a general openSUSE problem meanwhile, totally unrelated to Virtualization…