What is an easy way to format a USB stick?

I don’t know if this is the right place for my question, but here it is. :\

Many distros have an easy little program to format a USB stick.
Is there a similar program coming to openSUSE for Dophin, for example?

I can format USB, but only with
a) dd command (but I never remember its syntax)
b) Gparted (but at least in my case the stick becomes root-owned, ie I need to change the protections)
c) Yast2, but I think it’s too heavy program for such a small task.

That’s an unusual request.

You would format the USB the same way that you would format any disk.

Typically, use “fdisk” or similar to partition. Usually, you would want it to have just one partition.
Then use “mkfs” to create a file system.

“dd” is not the right too. You could us it to copy a file system, but unless it is from a disk of exactly the same size you will probably have a poor result. Using “gparted” or “Yast partitioner” are fine. If you create a FAT file system, then it should be accessible by all. If you create a unix/linux file system, then after creating you would need to mount (as root), and then use “chown” to change the ownership. For ordinary use of a flash drive, I would suggest a FAT file system – or exFAT for a large USB.

Nope. Partitioner is the easiest to use tool for formatting drives I ever encountered since 1995.

  1. open the stick in the left panel
  2. select the partition
  3. click edit at the bottom of the window
  4. click format
  5. click OK

Alright. OpenSUSE does not have the program I want.

I searched the internet and found the following program, but I couldn’t get it installed:

Maybe it’s no longer maintained in openSUSE? Good thing, however, that kfloppy is still available.:slight_smile:

BTW:When I copied my brother’s Linux Mint configuration files to a USB stick, then Windows FS (FAT?) was not valid. Does not support file links (or something like that).

Try gparted.