What is 'alonadi_contact'?? Found them almost flood my system process.

Found almost 30 of ‘akonadi_contact’ process in my System Monitor > Process Table,each using 3MB of memory. Is it neccesary? Any defect to system?


They are KDE Addressbook resources. I found my recent openSUSE-11.4 installs created 5 or 6 of them.

You can eliminate the excess ones by running akonadiconsole (use Alt+F2 to quickly launch it).

From the Agents Tab, highlight each Personal Contacts in turn, noting the akonadi_contacts_resource_? number, and press the Remove button for all of them except akonadi_contacts_resource_0.

When you next login to KDE you should only have akonadi_contacts_resource_0 running.

Neil Darlow

Thanks bro :wink:
I’ve remove all of them except akonadi_contacts_resource_0,and I think these akonadi process might be the cause of my over heat harddisk,coz the harddisk never get overheat after I remove these akonadi stuff.

Neil, you are awesome!!!
I had the same problem. I had 47 of “alonadi_contact” running at 18.5MB a piece. I was wondering what the lag was when I started up KDE.

I have reported this as bnc#686183

Neil Darlow