What is a good VPN front-end?

I want to install a very good VPN Front-end software for my machine, What is decent?

Can you elaborate more? For my purposes NetworkManager suffices, but I’m connecting to work-related gateways (using PPTP and L2TP VPNs currently).

I’ve been using ProtonVpn. They have free and paid versions. Major difference is how many servers are available to you.

It’s not clear as to whether the OP is looking for a recommended provider or just a graphical front end (eg KVPnc, NetworkManager), although as with the service provider you have mentioned, they often also provide the graphical client software to make connectivity easier for users.

ProtonVPN is not a VPN frontend, it’s a commercial VPN provider which may provide its own proprietary frontend for its services.

Network Manager is popular because it’s well known, readily available, supports practically every VPN protocol, has been installed by default in openSUSE for many versions and now is enabled by default in 15.1.
Network Manager supports many kinds of VPNs, you typically only need to install the additional VPN packages for that type of VPN.

Many proprietary Enterprise or Vendor supported VPN will provide their own frontends, like Cisco.

As always,
frontends are varied and optional since most VPNs support setup and configuration by command line natively.


ProtonVPN does not mention Linux, but has a icon for the tux: “ProtonVPN’s has native apps for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.”

I have been using CyberGhost on Windows and have wished for similar easy VPN client for Linux. It makes it easier to choose which server to use in the VPN providers own client. For instance CyberGhost lets you choose server based on whether you want to use it for Streaming, Surfing or Torrent. This list is maintained by CyberGhost and regularly updated. You could create a number of NetworkManager profiles, but you need to manually keep them updated yourself. For instance Netflix is known for blocking VPN servers.

I am using NetworkManager for my work laptop for VPN. When you only have one server to connect to it works fine.

It’s up to the VPN providers to write something with the features you describe but I’ve only seen those generally for Windows clients.
In general. you need to set up Network Manager as you describe, but you can also update connections with new servers by simply installing new config packages as they’re released.

I personally have little use for these configuration packages, you often have little control over using specific servers.
I personally prefer to create individual connections pointing to specific servers using specific protocols.