What have you done today?

'm really curious what everyone has done at the end of the day.
So tell me what you did today!

I myself am today to tinker with suse linux on my laptop

You do realize that your ‘today’ maybe ended, but other’s isn’t ? Over here it’s 11:57 am, so far I:

  • got up, i.e. out of bed, coffee and a ***,
  • read newspaper ( de Volkskrant ) quickly
  • work & wait for new washing machine, do some things here on the forums

That’s it for now.

i had a can of cold lentilsoup (Linsensuppe) for lunch a few minutes ago

dan is het topic alvast open.

jesse2314 wrote:
> dan is het topic alvast open.

Ik deed al de dingen Knurpt genoemd en ik leerde Dutch lingo ook!!

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Today just started for me, and so far I’ve made coffee, perused some forums I’m subscribed to, replied to a few posts.

Then I will browse about 16 online news sites, check the weather report on 2, read the online comics that interest me, then eat lunch, shower, shave, get ready for the Tuesday afternoon free jazz concert downtown from 5 to 7PM.

After that I will attend the indoor jazz performance that starts at 7PM (or a little later if a musician from outside has to bring his equipment in from outside) until 8 or 9 PM. Catch public transportation home and fix something to eat for dinner, then fire up the PC again, peruse the forums again, maybe watch a TV show or 2 on Hulu, then bed.

Program subject to change without notice.

I wrote this post :smiley:

PVince81 wrote:
> I wrote this post :smiley:

i read it :wink:

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Yesterday, was more productive. For an long time friend;
I made a CD of anti-virus and numerous XP utilities,
another CD of networking tools (UltraVNC and TeamViewer (thanks Oldcpu and everyone)), OpenOffice and some OOO extensions, WinXP Service Pack 3, FireFox 3.6.8, Adobe extensions
another CD of Ubuntu 10.4 LTS (sorry needed something on a CD quick and simple just to wet her appetite for Linux),
fixed a minor window glitch on her rental property,
upgraded her laptop to WinXp SP3,
took the friend to dinner,
installed OpenOffice and OfficeLive on her laptop,
searched in vain for non-MS Publisher document viewer (we settled on the 60 day free trial of MS Publisher),
and explained the remaining programs and utilities on the CDs.

Today just started so I’ve only answered a few posts here.