What Happened??

About 3 days ago my linux was working just fine until I went to shut it down. I pressed the “shutdown” button and it brought me to the login screen. So I said to myself Ok maybe just a bug, so i pressed shutdown on the login screen and nothing was happening. So I had to manually shut it down. Something was not right, so i booted it up again and it was saying stuff like cannot find “/jonathan/home/…etc.” and then the screen just stayed green like the background color of the login screen. So now I reinstalled everything including my windows xp on two seperate hard drives. But now im worried that openSUSE is gonna mess with my windows xp because I after I typed this code in, this popped up.

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2 20641788 2640220 16952928 14% /
udev 1035208 71556 963652 7% /dev
/dev/sda3 34954312 185468 32993260 1% /home
/dev/sdb1 134206976 13888260 120318716 11% /windows/C

I’m really worried about the “/dev/sdb1” because is that using my other hard drive that is using Windows xp? I dont want my linux to mess with it. >:(

It’s fine. Linux has access to the windows file system that’s all…
Regarding your issue. Please follow this guide
Clear Temp Files at Boot - openSUSE Forums


Don’t worry openSUSE won’t ‘mess with it’, that’s just showing the mount
point ‘/windows/C’, which is the directory you can use to access your
windows files from openSUSE if you want to.


Ok, Thankyou. I just installed everything back onto my computer, and it took FOREVER :expressionless:


Wouldnt the Temp file use my RAM though? I have about 2gigs of RAM in my computer. Heres the code just to make sure.

jonathan@linux-qugp:~/Desktop> free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 2021 1683 338 0 67 1412
-/+ buffers/cache: 203 1818
Swap: 2055 0 2055

No This guide removes temp files stored on your HD, they can build up and fill your root partition.
Nothing to do with RAM

When you do not want to use your “Windows C drive” at all in openSUSE (and thus make it even more sure you can not do anything with it from openSUSE), change /etc/fstab. Edit this file as root. Search for the line with /windows/C in it and add a # character at the beginning of that lline.

On next boot it will not be mounted. And when you want to reverse this action in half a year or so, remove the # again.

Second hint. When you next post computer output (as you did earlier in this thread) do not make it blue, but use the # button in the tool bar. It will put CODE tags around it and it will be displayed to you and us in a neat, lay-out conserving manner.

Oh yes, and next time, do not reinstall as a problem curing method. Come here first. Most often we can help you to cure without you doing a reinstall. After all this is not Windows.

Ok, Thankyou so much! :slight_smile: