What happened with Tumbleweed repo updates?


403 Forbidden !!!


Where have you got this URL from? It is https://download.opensuse.org/tumbleweed/repo/oss/ normally.

Yes, but after Aug 24 there is no newer updates!

the link was from

openQA (opensuse.org)

The next snapshot was published 20 hours ago. Likely your mirror did not yet catch up. rsync.opensuse.org shows new content.

There is no fixed schedule. Tumbleweed snapshots are published when they are ready.

Usually they update every day, maybe they went on vacation :slight_smile:

Thanks, have a nice day.

OBS services have been moved to a new location on new hardware. Looks like it is finished now.

Maybe as a result of the move something changed, I see;


Tumbleweed is rolling again:

erlangen:~ # journalctl -b -u dup.service -g 'Starting|following|conflicts|Consumed'
Aug 30 15:14:26 erlangen systemd[1]: Starting Distribution Upgrade...
Aug 30 15:14:27 erlangen zypper[2975]: The following 48 packages are going to be upgraded:
Aug 30 15:14:27 erlangen zypper[2975]: The following product is going to be upgraded:
Aug 30 15:14:30 erlangen zypper[2975]: Checking for file conflicts: [.....done]
Aug 30 15:14:49 erlangen systemd[1]: dup.service: Consumed 19.367s CPU time.
erlangen:~ # 
You have found the openSUSE downloadcontent server.
This site has no indexes to discourage spiders and bots to download all 35 TB.
Please browse it through https://download.opensuse.org/ or through one of the mirrors

Which I guess explains why an attempt to browse directory results in 403. I suspect downloading the specific file will work.