What happened to Wayland with Plasma 5.24?

I was using Wayland with the nvidia 5.10 driver with Plasma 5.23 and it was working pretty well. Tonight I updated to 5.24 and all I get with a Wayland session is a black screen with a cursor. I was able to bring up a search dialogue with ctrl>alt>f2 and when I typed in “Konsole” the app opened, but I’m not sure how much I can do with this.

Anyone using Wayland with Plasma 5.24 having better luck?

It seems fine here. But I am not using Nvidia graphics.

Today’s update also included a kernel update. Perhaps try booting the previous kernel, to see if this is an issue with Nvidia and the current kernel.

You were right. Booting into the 5.16.4 kernel and reinstalling the nvidia drivers got Wayland working again. One odd thing, when I first booted into the older kernel, the nvidia drivers still worked even though they had been compiled with the newer kernel.

It’s good to know that 510 can work.

I’m getting a black screen and just the a pointer-cursor with the 470 driver since 5.24 and the last 5.23. I think that’s because KDE has now abandoned EGL streams. I guess if I want to continue kicking the tires on Wayland I will have to switch drivers.

Is the 510 just as stable as the 470 for normal non-gaming stuff such as chrome with GPU acceleration enabled?