What happened to tls (tcl bindings to openssl) in opensuse 13.2

Imagine my surprise after I zypper dup my development machine from 13.1 to 13.2 to discover I no longer have tls.tcl which is used in our production machines and is required for our business logic.

Was this left out as an oversight or on purpose? If it was on purpose, why?

On purpose, it’s failing to build… no one fixed it by the looks;

I suggest pinging the maintainer via email…

I couldn’t get it to build either. Once I sorted out what configure wanted for the “openssl base directory.” It compiled.

I moved the libtls and lib.tcl to a auto_path directory, added the pkgIndex.tcl and … still failed to work.

Then I discovered the tclconfig directory in the tarball. Ran install-sh and all is well!

When I get enough time to work on it, I’m going to find out what the m4 file in that directory does. :slight_smile: