what happened to the panel startup sound in 11.0?

I in version 11.0 PPC (gnome), there used to be a sound that would come
on briefly at the time the panel window appears in the startup sequence.
At some point, after doing a software update, the sound stopped coming
on. Is there a way to get it back; I liked that sound.


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I’m very surprised that you actually like these sounds – one of the
first things I do when I install a new version of the system is to
disable all operating system sounds.


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No offense, rjwilmsi, but that is probably not the answer foxmg was
looking for. :wink:

What desktop are you using? In KDE 3.5, the sounds are controlled in
kcontrol, under Sound & Multimedia → System Notifications. In KDE 4,
it’s in systemsettings, under Notifications → System Notifications. If
your using GNOME, you aren’t worth my time…
just kidding. :wink:

I assume that in GNOME they are in the control center but I am not

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