What happened to the folder?

After installing 11.2, using KDE, there was a transparent folder on the desktop containing a set of icons. Like openSUSE and Online Help and a couple of others. If I clicked on it, a menu would come out of the right side of it. I clicked on the X and the folder went away, never to be seen again. I tried to find how to get it back but was unsuccessful.

After installing 11…3, using KDE, there it was again! After monkeying around with it for a while, I clicked on the X and again, it seems gone for good! I still can’t find how to get it back!

Also, it seems no one else has this problem so I guess I’m just not capable of operating this computer thing correctly. :frowning:

Would someone tell me how to do this? Please?



You’ve simply just closed the Folder View widget. If you right click on the desktop then choose Add Widget, scroll through the list of widgets until you find Folder View Widget. Then drag it to the Desktop and you should be good to go!

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Thank you! I had decided that I like having the icons on the screen, over on the left, better than the folder. However, not being able to reset that folder bothered the snot out of me. One more tiny, small annoyance out of the way. One more tiny small item learned! About a hundred more years and I’ll have this computer stuff down pat! :wink:

If you right-click on the toolbox thingy in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, there is an option to “Lock Widgets”. Click that, and it will eliminate the future accidental deletion of things from your desktop. :slight_smile:

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