What happened to my taskbar?!

Hello, I have been happily using Opensuse 11.2 (except for the lack of support for Chinese language input, but will save that for another day) but all of a sudden during the last few days something very strange has happened to my taskbar. Now when I minimize a window (Firefox, Ocular, etc) the window disappears. Minimized windows no longer pin to the taskbar! When I hover my mouse over the four desktop window icons in the taskbar I can see a list of the open windows but I am unable to click on the list to open them. How can I get my old functioning taskbar back? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You some how deleted your task manager
right click to add one back

Yes Knurpht Knurpht answered this one thanks!

Re: Firefox window disappears after clicking minimize button

Is this the same for other programs? If so, it looks like you removed the task manager by accident. Right click the panel, panel settings, unlock widgets, Add widget, “Takenbeheer” (my guess from the ‘nl’ in the username, otherwise “Task management”).
If not, you set some values for either the task manager, or the program settings for Firefox.

  • AMD Athlon X2 6.0 GHz, 8 GB DDR2-800, 30 GB SSD, 1.5 TB, EVGA 9800GT, openSUSE 11.2 KDE4 4.3.3
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