what happened to libreoffice-qt

I noticed a while back that the libreoffice-qt package disappeared from my KDE Tumbleweed install. It appears that libreoffice-gtk3 is the only “interface” available now. First of all, what happened to the Qt package (a general Google search wasn’t very fruitful for me)? Second of all, is the removal of the libreoffice-qt package the reason why scrolling is completely ruined in LibreOffice for me now? The mouse wheel only works sometimes to scroll (not sure what differentiates when it works and when it doesn’t). The scroll bars have to be clicked somewhere between 5 and 20 times before it actually responds to the click (again, no indication why it works when it does), and thus it is nearly impossible to click and drag a scroll bar. All of this made me search for a way to scroll with the keyboard (which would actually be even better than having to use the mouse for scroll bars in many situations), but alas Ctrl+Arrows moves the cursor around instead of only scrolling like in many text editors and Scroll Lock doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any thoughts?

This bug report perhaps? https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1064660

Better integration of LO with Qt is planned for the forthcoming V6 release https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/2017-12/msg00150.html

LO 6 looks as if it may make it into TW fairly soon. https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/2017-12/msg00187.html

Ah, thanks for all that info. Very helpful. I think the fact that I remembered it as “libreoffice-qt” instead of “libreoffice-kde4” was foiling my search.

FYI, LO 6 (RC1) is in Tumbleweed now, and libreoffice-kde4 is back as well, as we patched Qt4 and kdelibs4 to use OpenSSL 1.1 meanwhile (the reason that it got dropped was the switch to OpenSSL 1.1 by default which caused a conflict in this case as Qt4/kdelibs4 still needed 1.0).

The new Qt5 integration in LO 6 is still disabled currently, apparently it doesn’t work well enough.
The package changelog entry says

  • For now disable qt5 integration as it is utterly broken
    • just keep the kde4 one