What happended to Firefox 3 final?

This thing seems to seems to baffle me. Couple of days I installed openSUSE 11 which gets shipped with Firefox 3 Beta 5. I used Yast/zypper to install the final version of firefox from the repository. I had added the Mozilla repository to my repository collection.
I had to reinstall openSUSE for some reason, and wanted to install the latest version of Firefox. I did the exact same procedure as the last time. Added the Mozilla repository - Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.0 and searched for the final version of firefox. Surprisinlgy I wasnt able to find it this time.

$> sudo zypper repos
3| KDE4 Community | KDE4 Community | Yes | No
4| KDE4 Extra Packages| KDE4 Extra Packages | Yes | No
5| Mozilla | Mozilla | Yes | No
6| openSUSE-DVD 11.0 | openSUSE-DVD 11.0 | Yes | No

$? sudo zypper install firefox
Reading installed packages…
‘MozillaFirefox’ providing ‘firefox’ is already installed.
Nothing to do.

What I have now is Firefox 3 Beta 5.

Am I missing something here? Did some accidentally remove the Firefox 3 Final RPM from the repository?

  • Thejaswi Raya

have you tried running online updates ?


Andy, thanks for the reply.
I figured out the problem. I had to do:
$> sudo zypper install MozillaFirefox

I feel dumb after figuring it out. :X

Cool,glad you got it sorted