What future for small devices since (S)Meego(l) for Netbooks is dead?

Is there any reasonable alternative to Smeegol/MeeGo for small laptops (exception made for Ubuntu)?

I had a look to Android on Netbook but it doesn’t really seem a serious option - to me (but may be i didn’t catch its sense (?) ).

Small footnote: I, for one, as a person which has to deal a lot with text, i need a device with a keyboard and as elegant and smart many tablets are i do not believe in a “Newton” + attached keyboard . . . :wink: So, for mobile, Netbook or small laptop (subnotebook) are a must. And i’d like a - linux based - surface which optimzes the screen space and ressources.

There are plenty of distros that can deal with the small screen real estate. Many of them are based on lighter WMs like Openbox or XFCE. Aside from the small screen, netbooks are often just as powerful as their bigger siblings. They have small keyboards, but that’s a UI issue for people with fat fingers. :slight_smile:

I used to have Crunchbang on a EEE701 and I have UNR on an EEE901. Not sure why you don’t want to consider UNR. Another possibility is Peppermint. I’m sure you could also put OpenSUSE with LXDE on netbooks. I don’t understand why people felt they had to wait for MeeGo.

Tablets are in a different class from netbooks. Android seems to be popular with Taiwanese iPad lookalikes. That’s another story though.

No no, i’m pretty familiar with Ubuntu and for a long (since when it broke) i used UNR on a small Sony Vaio (but although it only had 10" screen it had a large display, 1366 x 768 pixels resolution) so the menu bar aside didn’t bother so much :wink:

I liked in MeeGo (first i went for Smeegol but despite the excellent package managing and the broader basis it even had more problems, for me, than MeeGo; my biggest problem here is non availability of OpenOffice. I learned to deal around with firefox and google docs, for the less critical datas) it used better the screen. And, i really like its esthetics (ok, UNR isn’t that bad as well). I think, i’ll wait for 11 04 release and see then.

I never heard about Crunchbang and i’ll go to understand a bit about. I even saw there is, an apparently nice, distro called Jolicloud (?)

huh, i saw i typo: i wanted to say: (up to when it broke) … Sorry! :wink:

Woa, meego is dead? Their website just had an update this week! I just got a netbook today, and then I found out that Windows 7 starter which is on the netbook doesn’t let you change the wallpaper. I may return the netbook, but I will not give those money-grubbing you-know-what’s $80 for an upgrade in order to not have to stare at their logo while I am trying to look hip in a coffee shop.

I mean if you mean “dead” like maybe not totally hip, I can totally live with that. Oh I see from some googling that it’s smeegol that I want (want a linux distro not a linux-based operating system), I don’t care about openoffice it’s emacs that would be the deal breaker, though I guess I can always use mine remotely through ssh so that wouldn’t matter. Anyhow, I’m going smeegol, I like the openSUSE on my desktop though I think I will try fedora for a while when I repartition my hard drive in the near future.

Don’t really care if meego gets on a mobile phone or not, and that’s the only thing that Nokia was bringing to the table (I think them backing WM7 was the big news. Why you would back a company that most people actively dislike in a market where they don’t have any leverage is beyond me. And people dislike them because they leverage their marketing position directly at the consumer, by say, for example, charging $80 to change wallpaper away from their logo ) . But hey why not, let’s see some fur fly in the cell phone wars.

Smeegol. Hmmm. For some reason this computer is beginning to seem precious to me…

“Smeegol”, “seem precious”…now that is funny!

At least Smeegol actually works, unlike the mess that was MeeGo 1.1. And you have the power of openSUSE to boot into if you want, from the same install. There are still a few rough edges left in SmeeGol though - is the development continuing or has it completely died?

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Can we persuade the SmeeGol guys to keep going? Please?

Who said MeeGo for netbooks is dead? 1.1.3 is due out soon (maybe later this week) and 1.2 is on track for April.


Intel is about to include MeeGo at their AppUp site: Intel AppUp(SM) Center

More info on MeeGo/AppUp: MeeGo | Intel AppUp(SM) developer program

And here: Peter Biddle Talks MeeGo and Intel AppUp <— check out the MeeGo tablet video.

I will add that netbooks, in general, are losing their luster, so that will eventually drive decisions on future development of any sort.