What Fonts Do You Use?

So, here goes. What system fonts do you prefer.

I currently use default gnome’s cantarell, which are only lacking in the mono departmend. Ubuntu font family also looks nice, and is rendered perfectly.

What about you?

Don not even know. I use whatever I get befor my eyes. At least a long as I can read it.

Droid Sans, all over KDE.

Having taken the ubuntu -> kubuntu -> openSUSE distro route.

I’ve continued to use the Ubuntu fonts. It’s a subjective issue; personally I find they render well, they’re crisp, clear and easy to read.

I also have to admit to liking the ubuntu font, also droid sans.

The TeX Gyre (TG) Collection of Fonts — GUST for LibreOffice documents and as the default fonts in Konqueror. Latin Modern for LaTeX documents but I also use the Liberation fonts and the Droid fonts in some contexts.

only DejaVu Sans in kde & kdm