What fonts can be used on OpenSuse?

I’m looking for new fonts but everything i find says it’s for PC(Win) or Mac. Can any of these be used on linux?

For example:
1001 Free Fonts - Download Free Fonts - Free Windows and Mac Fonts
Free Fonts - Free Font Download - Cool Fonts

Can any of these be used on OpenSuse and if so, how?

Yes they can, and it might help mentioning the desktop environment you’re using.

In KDE go to the ‘start menu’/launcher and click “Desktop Settings” then click “Font installer” “Add” and point it to the (unzipped) fontfile.
You can import your windows fonts in the same way if you have a windows partition mounted.

I suspect simply downloading a fontfile and clicking a file would work to…

Cool, thanks!

I do have KDE 4.1.3.