What e-mail client do you use?

Out of curiosity…I’m using two of the posted e-mail clients.

Thunderbird, because it is reliable and has a good interface. I am a huge KDE-fan, but mails are too important for me, so I don’t like to have an email-client depending on the desktop environment (KMail did have some compatibility issues until not too long ago). I also like the idea of pimping a client with addons, plus pgp-encryption is very easy to use.

Other: Claws-Mail for me…

I use SeaMonkey for my email, because I don’t have to add the extensions needed to get Thunderbird to work the same way.

It opens at the Inbox every time.
It has collapsed headers.
It doesn’t have buttons in the headers.
It has Unread, Total and Size columns in the folder pane.

I am also testing Thunderbird 5 beta, just for kicks.

Is an email client really necessary with the WebMail Notifier extension installed in my browser, and access to all my accounts through the browser?

Depends. I do not wish to store my emails in the web longer than necessary, that’s why I am fetching them via POP3. You can not do that with a webinterface.

I mainly use webmail. But when I need a mail client, it is “nmh” for text mode (command line), and claws-mail if I need a GUI.

I also have Thunderbird and kmail installed. The last time I tried kmail was probably around 2000 - I guess I should give it another try. I’m surprised that you don’t have evolution in your poll.

On claws-mail - it is simple, but adequate, it integrates well with “nmh”, and it is available for Windows.

More general comment: I prefer that mail be not too tightly integrated with the desktop. When I install an new version of linux, I like to delete all of the prior desktop configuration and make a fresh start. But that would risk losing email with a client (evolution or kmail) that is too tightly integrated.

I voted Alpine, have been using it for a VERY long time, and still invoking it as ‘pine’.

Why is Evolution omitted? I take it the OP isn’t a Gnome user.

Probably because it’s known for un-recoverable crashes!

KMail. ClawsMail is very good too, but in the end it does not integrate quite as well into the KDE Desktop as KMail does.

I wish i had brains to install it. Never got it right and so i gave up on it. This is textbased, am i right?

I use KMail as it is a very good suit for emails and, important to me, it prints letters 1+ out.

There was but another email client i used in my windows days which was Pegasus. Great program, just not for Linux.

I just use Gmail… I can sort out all my mail from any device and it’s really good at filtering spam. Okay this may not be the case for everyone but it works for me. All critical emails are read and deleted after being printed as a postscript to my hard-drive. I’ve tried email clients, but they don’t really suit the way I use my computer; adding much more work than necessary. My wife though swears by Thunderbird!

KMail for me.

I am using Kmail too. It is quite good - except that the setup is a pain with it when you have more than just one mailbox.

In former Gnome times I always used Evolution which I like very much.

Thunderbird for years…
I tried to change to KMail because of the KDE integration, but didn’t like the Identities/Account stuff.

Maybe I’ll give it a try again if there are good comments.

I used Evolution on GnewSense, but it’s very similar to Ms Outlook and I didn’t include it. Otherwise it’s a very strong option.

So nobody loves Mutt :slight_smile: No wonder…I also caught my ears trying to set my account. Although it’s known as being very fast. Too bad it’s not very user-friendly.

Well, it’s fine for command line mail. I just happen to prefer “nmh” for that.

That’s a nice one too. I should have written more options :frowning:

JJ, it’s not so difficult. And it’s worth using it, especially if you want something fast.