What does this mean? #red.txt#

I have a /home/xx/zz/red.txt file,
in /home I made a symbolic link to this red.txt file
I edited the red.txt file before with vi en emacs.

Now I notice a #red.txt# file. In the same directory I later created the red.txt again
And now I have #red.txt# and red.txt in the same directory.
I remember #red.txt# was a file that I used before.

This file cannot be edited with vi…if i try to change with vi no problem, but if I try to save: error message no file name.

  1. What do the # # mean?
  2. How can I delete it, $ rm #red.txt# gives the error
    message missing operand.

Many thanks for answering.

AFAIK it’s an emergency save. If you know your original is sound, you can safely delete it. Otherwise it should be picked up next time you open the main file.

In the shell (bash) a # means that the rest of the line is comment. So the command then is


I think you will understand that there is no operand there and *rm *needs at least one operand.

rm '#red.txt#'

And when you have some time left, read a bit in

man bash

and/or search for a shell tutorial in the web.