What does it mean "on a distinguished road"?

I use the “openSUSE” forum skin. In that there’s a little green square at top RHS of each post with a mesaage when you hover on it saying

Username is on a distinguished road

What does that mean?


Maybe it has something to do with the “Add to username’s Reputation”-button. As long as there is no reputation added, it is not clear, if you’ll walk the good or evil line :smiley: (Yeah, I know, I play too much RPGs …)

vB has different reputation levels for users - if you get a lot of negative reputation, the text in it changes and vice versa.

I’m guessing the guys here have kept the original texts for them.

Thanks folks, that explains it


User is infamous around these parts -99999
User can only hope to improve -50
User has a little shameless behaviour in the past -10
User is an unknown quantity at this point 0
User is on a distinguished road 10 (new users start with this level)
User will become famous soon enough 50
User has a spectacular aura about 150
User is a jewel in the rough 250
User is just really nice 350
User is a glorious beacon of light 450
User is a name known to all 550
User is a splendid one to behold 650
User has much to be proud of 1000
User has a brilliant future 1500
User has a reputation beyond repute 2000

So is this going to be on openSUSE-Forums, or not ?
Though It doesn’t really matter to me, I use ‘openSUSE’ :wink:

What?? No “User has a halo” ? :slight_smile:

What?? No “User has a halo” ?

Hey…give us a break. Those are the vBulletin defaults. Those of us working on the project had much more important things to worry about…like muave or fucia. :slight_smile:

And I was going to just tell him that he was getting old.:smiley:

I’d have liked fucia:D

Incidentally I’m on a distinguished road just like swerdna. So I’m in good company.

:slight_smile: It has to be a good thing, what else would you expect from openSuse

Fucia? What the heck… Sounds like a dental adhesive. :slight_smile: