What do you read at the moment?

I’m not finding ruby too hard at the moment.

Ok I am glad for that. Good starting!!!:slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Pascal Quignard “Las sombras errantes” but only when I have time which is currently nearly none. If not to my dismay a book on “techniques of dynamic optimization”. Which is in a certain way far less “instructive” or maybe should I say "inspiring.

Edit: by thinking of it…this question is everything but silly. What we read says a lot about ourself.

I am impressed about the book, since it seem to be in french which i am not capable to read. I learned a little french, but lost everything now.
I used to read a lot, now i its not that much anymore. One of my last books was Divine Comedy (the complete books).

The book is in French in the original, it is true. But it was given to me as a gift in Spanish, so I am reading it in Spanish. I would have also to read in the original language “Tous les hommes sont mortels” by Simone de Beauvoir. You did read: La Divina Comedia di Dante? Unfortunately I did not have time to go through it. I took a commented version while I was in Italy. Even if Italian I speak it practically like as it would be my mother tong, the language of Dante is very old and needs sorrow interpretation. I wonder how they where able to render this translating it. Lost in translation?
About the book “les sombres errantes” de Quignard: this is a collection of thoughts and poesy. I first though I would not like it but it is actually the contrary. I really appreciated it.

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> Hello I read programming. VB, python for my university.

That’s not reading, that’s studying >:-P

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> So, what do you read at the moment, or want to read.

James Herriot’s It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet. Ideal for going to sleep in
good humour. Others: Arturo Perez Reverte, P. D. James, A. Christie, A. C.
Clark, Asimov, L. Niven…

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“REXX in the TSO Environment”

Going old school…


For me it is reading.

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> “REXX in the TSO Environment”
> Going old school…

When I was programming, that was new school! :wink:

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Not bad :wink:

In my case: Anton Chekhov “The Black Monk”](http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/toc/modeng/public/CheMonk.html)

This story has all the mystery of a parable, all the breadth of high Russian literature and the richness of a dream. A ghost-like figure haunts a rather Romantic protagonist, arriving in the form of a column of darkness that resolves into a hooded monk and begins to communicate with the hero about the nature of humanity in the world. As a picture of insanity, and yet a terrible descent into understanding, Chekhov’s story is a powerful tribute to Russian and Catholic folklore as well as a portrait of the lone intellectual becoming immersed in asceticism.


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> [image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MotherNight(Vonnegut).jpg]


Then I would suggest the german movie 23 (not to be confused with The Number 23!): 23 (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I don’t remember what I was reading on April 10. But today on October 27 I am again reading and enjoying Edgar Allan Poe’s Gold Bug.

> I don’t remember what I was reading on April 10. But today on October 27
> I am again reading and enjoying Edgar Allan Poe’s Gold Bug.

I am reading this post.

I used to love reading. At some point in my 20’s though I started falling asleep while reading and now I can’t hardly get through a page or two then I wake up in the morning. I have found some relief in audiobooks, though. The last of which was the whole Harry Potter series. I loved beyond loved them. I really did have them on tape and I listened to the whole series so many times the tape started to break and I repaired them several times. I was a trucker on the road at the time so audiobooks were great.

Franz Kafka > Amerika

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Compliments, maybe the most “strange” book of Kafka. Full of hope. Was quite an experience to read it.