What do I have to do so it doesn't shring sda

What do I have to do so it doesn’t shrink sda internal drive. Please tell me the correct partions map for the OpenSuse example /home /boot and stuff
I have 112.1 GB I woould like to partition it all of it.

Sorry, but your question is not quite clear enough. Is there a partition(s) already on the disk you do not want changed? Or?

As far as partitioning for openSUSE, there are many ways to do this, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Most PC users just use 3 partitions, 1 for root (/), 1 for /home, and 1 for swap. 15-20GB is plenty for root, the swap is typically 1-2 GB, and the rest for /home. Note: If you plan to have a large amount of a particular type of files, for example, video or pics, sometimes users choose to have a separate partition for these files - makes it easier to manage, for backups, etc.

It shrinks the space on The C: and D:
Then I have to put it back again in Windows, the same size it C: and D: is 70.10 gb and D: the same, but when I run OpenSuse Dvd installer the installer shrinks to 30 gb I do not won’t that happening

I solved the problem On Irc Chanell
go to the partitioner tool with those settings, choose expert mode and change it

Terrific! What the installer suggests is a, well, a “suggestion.” Expert Mode is to control things yourself. Glad you got what you wanted. Welcome to the community!

Thank you very much