What Desktop Environment do You Use?

(KDE 4.2) x3
(KDE 3.5.10) x1
And when I’m nostalgic I try Windowmaker!

Gnome :slight_smile:
It’s pretty, but it says my battery is broken a lot :wink:

Gnome:P I used KDE 4 for a few months but didn’t like it as much as Gnome.:wink:

I’m back on Gnome and I’m here to stay. I just can’t get into KDE4. It still seems half finished to me and it still crashes a lot. Besides, I just like Gnome better.

Gnome 2.24 - very nice.

but KDE 4.2 on another PC - its too pretty to put away.

KDE 3.9.x: Was very stable and I always used it to the latest in that series.

KDE 4.0 to KDE 4.1: Unstable. I was scared to tell people to switch to Linux from Windows because of this.

KDE 4.2.1; I am on this now. Stable. Love it!