What Desktop Environment do You Use?

There was a poll on this a while ago (do these things ever close?), but I think it would be interesting to see what the usage patterns are now that KDE 4.2 has launched. I tried to be as inclusive as possible; hopefully almost everybody should find their DE on here.

i`m use XFCE4 - it little and nice. Many new applets.

sometimes, i`m use WindowMaker - this great WM - i like WindowMaker-s kung-fu :wink:

KDE 4.2

it’s a bit unstable,but i like it anyway :slight_smile:

With 10.2 and 10.3, I used KDE. After I’ve upgraded to 11.1, I switched to Gnome, because it’s easier for my desktop.

Mainly I am using xfce but sometimes login to kde 4.2 to taste it’s beauty.

kde 4.2 here

Been hackin’ it out with KDE IMO,it’s been worth it:)

Feeling the love that is KDE 4.2.

Hrm… Not seeing an poll on this page. Maybe my post count isn’t high enough…

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I really didn’t care for KDE 4.1 - but I’m loving 4.2

I’m keeping Gnome around, just in case… :slight_smile:

I’m a serious Gnome fan, myself. So much so, I was almost tempted to completely leave OS X behind for Gnome. . .

If you ever do that and have some kind of hardware failure… please do make a picture thats shows the look on the faces of the apple employees when you bring it in for repairs. That would be just be too priceless not to share with the rest of the world.

I prefer KDE 4.2 myself, it allows me to drag everything to where-ever I want it while remaining to look good. I’m a sucker for its eye-candy as well, the native support for ‘magic lamp’ minimzing and the cube are just awesome (and seem to work better then their compiz counterparts). Hope they implement the windows ‘burning’ down someday though as I really loved having my windows go down in green flames.

I have KDE-3.5.10 (in openSUSE-11.1) running on my two old desktops, my new laptop, and on my mother’s old PC (in North America). I still have KDE-3.5.7 running on my wife’s PC openSUSE-10.3 boot partition (and openSUSE-10.3/KDE-3.5.7 also running on the older family laptop).

I’ll likely stick with 3.5.10 for some time, unless openSUSE-11.2 or 11.3 prove to be irresistable, in which case I suspect I will likely switch to KDE-4.3 (which may be avaliable by then).

Gnome 2.22.1 Here :slight_smile: and sometimes KDE 4.2 just to see how it evolves =O

KDE 3.5 when i want the eye candy and system resources are not an issue

Fluxbox when im feeling minimalist or when running CPU/memory intense applications :wink:

KDE Unstable (Qt 4.5) here. I love it, although the last update brought some Plasma instability with it.

And I still use Beryl for desktop effects, as overall performance is almost twice as good as with KWin or Compiz.
It’s also a lot more stable for me than Compiz, allows keyboard input while using scale, and it doesn’t draw the window reflections on top of the shadows :slight_smile:

KDE4 at the moment. I have been using Gnome for the last year or so, and I really like it, but I was playing around with the KDE4 LiveCD put out by the KDE team and I liked it so much I decided to install it. 4 has come a long way with 4.2.

I still think Gnome is the more stable environment. I’ve had several KDE4 apps crash on me. It feels like the early days of KDE3. lol!

kde4 on my laptop and gnome on my desktop. i like both for different reasons, although ill eventually install kde4.2 on my desktop too, i really like it.

KDE 4.2 primarily but I also use Gnome.

LXDE looks pretty interesting but I haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet. Mandriva has replaced icewm with LXDE for their lightweight DE…I’m curious if openSUSE will follow suit (doubt it, but curious).

kde4.2 actually on both machines now, though I have gnome on my F10 box, I installed that by default and worked kde4.2 in gradually - and it’s pretty good considering Fedora don’t really focus on kde.

In both case: Rock solid- No complaints at all.:slight_smile:

KDE v GNOME: For me KDE every time. But I have to say - following my recent brush with it in Fedora, Gnome is very nice too and works!

Fedora really does a nice Gnome.