What are the good tags to use with post counts?

Hey macosxp you are a slave driver. I’ll try to get it done next day or so.

Please post in Forums Support/Information (opensuse.org.feedback.forums.support-information) about the skin issue. If you’re seeing it, then someone else will have the same issue, and the resolution is better served there. Thanks…

:slight_smile: haha
Well I could make the poll if you want. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah…you’re talking this forum. Well see how this would look:

Original Poll: Do you like ducks?
Immediate answer: I love them
Poll Edit: Do you like terrorists?

Perhaps you can see why editing is turned off for this forum.

Keep helping me here:
IMHO 13 are too many to vote on. I’ve chosen these 8 as perhaps a manageable number. What do you think?

@deltaflyer, @Andrewd18: any comment (you had multiple entries – I chose 2 each)?

Dropped Packet
Broadcast Packet
Local Area Network
Series of Tubes
Worldwide Torrent
Worldwide Hub

Master Control Program
End of Line

Imperial Guardsman
Adeptus Mechanicus
Adeptus Astartes

Iron Warrior
Dark Adeptus
Chaos Space Marine
Follower Of Khorne

First Steps
Friend of Tux
Flying with Linux
Emperor Penguin

Puzzled Penguin
Student Penguin
Explorer Penguin
Parent Penguin
Wise Penguin
Omniscient Penguin

Infant Suser
Child Suser
Teenage Suser
Cool Dude Suser
Parent Suser
Fossilised Suser

Emperor Penguin

LOL. Well if you have a lot of trouble-makers running around I guess that makes sense, but do you really believe that most people would use the edit feature in the wrong way? Anyway, the editing restrictions can only take effect once a reply has been made or something like that, and that would solve the issue right? And perhaps there could be an automatic note at the bottom of the post saying it has been edited. W/E

Looks good. :slight_smile:

Right o everybody discussion over – be in it to win it with the voting – pop over here and vote for the new list of titles: Please choose your honorifics/titles/tags/labels - openSUSE Forums

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