What are the good tags to use with post counts?


A while ago in this thread: Is it just me … - Page 4 - openSUSE Forums, you suggested restoring the amusing tags we used to associate with avatars in posts that change as our post count increases.

In the old forums they were amusing – like Parent Penguin, Kernel Hacker, etc – instead of what we have now, dry stuff like Junior Member, Senior Member, Re Member, Can’t Re Member and so on.

We think it would be a good idea to change these tags occasionally as a bit of fun, really. And we are running a competition to see who can come up with a good set of tags to use first time round.

The post count levels will be like this: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000

We need a complete set of six tags, so don’t do 1 or 2, do 6 OK?

They should be humorous and non-contentious (e.g. no religion or politics).

So what do you reckon we should have?


PS In the mod lounge, I voted for:

  1. Cry Baby Suser
  2. Girly girl Suser
  3. Teeny bop Suser
  4. Cool dude Suser
  5. Boring old parent Suser
  6. Fossilised Suser

But they shouted NNNNoooooooo… put it to the members!

We’ll start here because I’m hungry:

  1. Milk
  2. Mashed Peas
  3. TV Dinner
  4. Homemade Pizza
  5. Filet Mignon
  6. Caviar and Truffles

Move on to Internet Memes:

  1. Dropped Packet
  2. Broadcast Packet
  3. Local Area Network
  4. Series of Tubes
  5. Worldwide Torrent
  6. Worldwide Hub

For the Tron fans:

  1. RAM
  2. Sark
  3. Master Control Program
  4. Tron
  5. Flynn
  6. End of Line

As a training exercise for how the system boots:

  1. GRUB
  2. Kernel
  3. UDEV
  4. X-Server
  5. Desktop Environment
  6. Application

For the D&D/NWN Players:

  1. Kobold
  2. Beholder
  3. Mindflayer
  4. Fire Elemental
  5. Iron Golem
  6. Ancient Red Dragon

And finally, for kastorff:

  1. Can’t find the Skittles.
  2. Found the Skittles.
  3. Ate andrewd18’s Skittles.
  4. Hiding from andrewd18’s wrath.
  5. Refilling the Skittles.
  6. Skittle maintenance staff.

for Warhammer 40k fans
Good Guys

  1. Imperial Guardsman
    2 . Commisar

  2. Inquisitor
    4 . Adeptus Mechanicus

  3. Adeptus Astartes

  4. Emperor
    Bad guys

  5. Orks

  6. Eldar

  7. Iron Warrior

  8. Dark Adeptus

  9. Chaos Space Marine

  10. Follower Of Khorne

  11. Khorne

  12. Nurgle
    6.Blood Warrior


I like the idea of more interesting Tags.

Although, something cool, but not demeaning would sound good. :smiley:

Works for me. What do you suggest?

First Steps
Friend of Tux
Flying with Linux
Emperor Penguin

Watch the odd show on the SciFi Channel, do we?

Here’s anothger version too.
Puzzled Penguin
Student Penguin
Explorer Penguin
Parent Penguin
Wise Penguin
Omniscient Penguin

If Sci-Fi channel has Warhammer 40k showing, i’m going out & getting Satellite viewing gear right now :cool:


Isn’t it obvious what it should be? I suggest:

Emperor Penguin

I mean Emperor Penguin, not King Penguin…
Is there some way to edit my post? I thought there was but I don’t see the button.

Well there’s quite a few good ones here now, some obviously tongue in cheek, but all very interesting. So how are we going to decide the winner? Any ideas?

That’s weird, which skin are you using? And I did the edit.

Of course. First set a deadline of suggesting names. Like now or tonight or tomorrow or whatever. Second, make a new thread with the option to vote, and make like a 1 week deadline or something. At the end you will know what the people chose.

Thank you. I didn’t skin the forum any differently from what it was by default… and sometimes I see the edit button, sometimes I don’t. I guess this is one of those times I don’t.

OK I’ll refer it to the guys who look after the “Board” software.

Thanks I will.
OK I declare this competition closed for submitting names tomorrow 24 hours from this post.

(reminder for me: 1115 EST)

The ability to edit a post is limited to 10 minutes. After that you need to just post an update to your post. The reasoning for this is that we have an NNTP interface to these forums and edits won’t transit the gateway.

Hmm. If you’ll notice when I made both posts, you’ll see that it was only a couple minutes before I discovered the mistake and wanted to correct it. Whatever, I’ll just try to be more careful in the future, and if I see an edit button then great and if not I can always double-post.

See, there is no edit button right now.

Anyway, time’s past to submit a suggestion – where’s the poll post?