What are the drivers for a Canon LIDE 500F?

%subj% >:( OS: OpenSUSE 11.3, PC: i86
Where can I find stuff to install?

I have the same model and there do not seem to any drivers for it. I have searched for the last year and have not found anything.

Cannon is VERY well known for ** supporting Microsoft ONLY** if it is not in SANE then Buy a different scanner
and send a NICE- be polite letter to cannon informing them that they have FOREVER lost a paying customer and you will NEVER buy there hardware ever again
that is UNTIL they ( Cannon) support Linux .

There seems to be no driver for linux. All they have is a driver for Mac OS X. I guess it would be a major task to port it to linux.

In a word, a dead end :(. Mode, thinking, perhaps indeed to virtualization? Maybe XP virtual-box? Your opinion?