What are the differences among i486,i586,i686?

What are the differences among i486,i586,i686?

colao wrote:
> What are the differences among i486,i586,i686?

They refer to different CPU generations. Each new chip gained some new
features, and hence, instruction sets (internal commands). Software
compiled for a 486 will run on a 586 or 686, but not vice versa. I
doubt you’ll see many 486 boxes around any more. Dog slow dinosaurs by
today’s standards. But you might see some earlier Pentiums (586es).
Use the latest version your processor can handle for best performance…


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If i do zypper install <package>
It’s <package>.i586, but in other linux distribution it’s i386 or i686.

On a package per package basis, there is software which is developed to run at a minimum package level. Thusly, you will find some apps which run well on all versions mainly because they use library features (dependencies) which are common between architectures. I think most packages under openSUSE target i586 machines rather then i386 or i686. There is also x32 and x64 implementations targeting specific machines bit-width capabilities.