What are the default fonts in XFCE?

Hi everyone.

I’ve installed the msttcore-fonts packet, and for some reason all my desktop fonts automatically changed to another (very ugly) ones.
This ugliness is everywhere - in Firefox, in Leafpad, in the xfce-terminal, etc.
I have no idea why installing a font triggers switching to it, but I hope that I still can revert to the old fonts I had.
Can anyone who has XFCE please look up the used fonts and tell me the names? Or maybe tell me some magic command that will restore all fonts to their defaults (and preferably lock them from future change)?


Okay, I got another PC with OpenSuSE+XFCE, and checked what fonts are used by default.
And the answer is 100% useless, because these fonts are called “Monospace”, “Sans” etc. Just as on my screwed system.
So that means that there is a set of “default” fonts that are in fact links to some actual fonts, and after installing new fonts into the system, these links are (for whatever reason) redirected to these new (ugly) fonts.
Can anyone tell me how to check on what actual font does e.g. “Sans” point? Then I would be able (I hope) to check the proper fonts on my not-screwed system and force my screwed system to use them again.

why don’t you change in XFCE configurations the fonts to something more eye pleasing? I’d suggest droid sans for instance, and have you checked if the Yast’s font configuration is the same in both machines?

(btw I’ve no idea what the default Sans font is)

This is exactly what I want to do, I’m just unable to go through hundreds and hundreds of fonts trying each one in an attempt to find something “eye pleasing”. I just want to get the very same fonts I have with default XFCE installation, because I find them very eye pleasing and I also got used to them since 2010.

I could be wrong but maybe msttcore-fonts changed the defaults to arial and respective MS fonts, so the apparent trick might be uninstalling those fonts