What are good settings for TightVNC viewer

When I connect to openSUSE running TightVNC server from a windows client running TightVNC viewer, the connection has OK colour, OK resolution and OK speed. When I connect to the same openSUSE server from an openSUSE client by running vncviewer from a console, the connection has high colour, high resolution and is incredibly slow, spending all its time repainting the screen in slow motion.

Obviously, the defaults for the windows install are quite different from the defaults in Linux for TightVNC.

Can you tell me the appropriate settings to use in Linux to get a good trade off of colour and resolution against speed, so the result approaches the performance one gets from whatever is set as defaults on a windows client?

It would be nice if someone could recommend some settings and make the example in the form of a CLI command showing the correct syntax?

Thanks very much