What are digest errors when updating?

Hello all,

I’ve been looking for the answer to my question via Google and the wikis, but I haven’t found the answer. What exactly are digest errors? I get them all the time when updating from KDE:45 and multimedia:libs. Are these a cause for concern (a.k.a security issues)? I run zypper clean --all; zypper verify, but it doesn’t not help.

So, what exactly is a digest error?

Thank you in advance.

So is this the zypper.log file that you are looking at (/var/log/zypper.log)? I might suggest you redo your repositories, removing the ones that give you an error. If it clears, you could add them back in and see if they work again, or wait a while if you think the repositories may be bad. In general, the fault would be some sort of corruption on your end though (not the repository) and having too many repositories can be a problem, even causing corruption. System lockups while working with repositories is real bad to have happen. I know this because I have been there myself. I even reinstalled my system once because of it.

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