What apps do user use on OBS-Education?

I find myself going to the OBS-Education area for the chess game “crafty” ! In openSUSE-11.2 milestones, it appears that front end “xboard” has been dropped, so I have also grabed that from “factory” in Education. I probably could have gone to the “games” OBS project area, but to date I’ve found the OBS-Education version of “crafty” (and “xboard”) has worked well for me.

Just the other day, I also went there for the HTML editor “bluefish”.

For my own curiousity, what apps do other users like to use from that area ? http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Education/

Gcompris for our son and QCad for me, have also played with netbeans
but not on a regular basis.

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Just the other day, I also went there for the HTML editor “bluefish”.
Ditto here.
In the past I have used Wine from there. But TBH I now favour Virtual Box for my needs. Which is more of a novelty as far as M$ is concerned.

I never even noticed they ( “Education” repos ) had wine, until you mentioned it. I typically get my “cutting edge” wine updates from here:
Index of /repositories/Emulators:/Wine

While there is only one app I routine run under wine (called “autostitch” ) I do find that windows apps, where they work under wine, also run faster under wine than they do under virtual box.

TBH. Virtual Box is hardly noticed when running and apps are really snappy for me. But then I hardly use it really. Once or twice a month maybe - other than for showing off;)
Just watch lame old windows users Jaw drop when they see VBox in seamless mode and whirling desktop cube!

GRAMPS, the application for genealogical research and documenting family trees. Written in Python for the Gnome DE, but it works exxtremely well and displays nicely on KDE 3.5. Not tried it yet on KDE 4 or 11.2.

It’s been available from Education on OBS since 10.3 onwards, and pretty much the latest version. I used it on 10.3 and now 11.1.

Note: The wine package in the Education repository is the same as in the Emulators:Wine repository. It’s just copied from the Emulators Repository to the Education repository once it finished it’s build…

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