What app is this and how to uninstall

Hey guys

Can anyone tell me what application this is in the image below and how to identify it for possible removal, since it does not open and does not appear in application details in the gnome store, much less in yast by the suggested name, namely: Process Viewer crashed

Most likely it came drag along with installing another application.

That appears to be DrKonqi (or package drkonqi5). I think it is part of KDE

After removing it, you might need to lock it as it is probably recommended by something else that you have installed.

Thanks for the feedback

It is himself removal performed successfully

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You are shooting the messenger. Dr.Konqi is started automatically by KDE programs when a program crashed. Removing it will not fix program crashes, just make them less visible.

If only the application opened correctly, wouldn’t it?
There’s no way to know if it’s working properly. Hence the removal.

Read arvidjaars post again: