What about "porting LinuxMCE to open SUSE" ... ?

Hello openSUSE Community,

after a long search for information about the “LinuxMCE” project and runnig LinuxMCE on a SUSE system I want to ask, if there are some people interested in porting the LinuxMCE to the openSUSE Linux world?

I think it is not a good base for such a great project to rely on only one base, in this moment it is a special version of Kubuntu. Much more tasks could be done in the multimedia field and in the home automation if we could run **LinuxMCE **also on openSUSE or on SUSE LE.

I want to start such a porting project and I have already started some discussions with companies for supporting this project.

Now I look for partners!
Please contact me, if you have any comments on this idea or if you want to help in this project. Thanks!

Best wishes from