WG111v2 instable connection

Hello to everyone on the forum,

I have opensuse 12.1 with a wireless USB stick Netgear WG111v2. The stick works perfectly with the rtl8187 driver but I experience issues on the connection stability: randomly it looses the connection and turning it off/on again fixes the problem (or at least until the next connection drop occurs).
Looking at dmesg i receive an error message like:

“No probe response from AP after 500ms disconnecting”

I looked on internet and tried some “solution”: none of them worked.
the only one that at least stabilizes the connection is fixing the transmission rate to 5.5 mbps, but this doesn’t solve the problem.

Any idea? should I change driver (maybe ndiswrapper or other since this wireless works flawlessly in windows)?

thanks in advance

Now it seems that the WiFi is no more working, even if it connects to the AP I can’t ping the router… any idea?