wg111v2 driver again

it’s not the first time that this answer has been made, i know, but after reading all posts on the argument I’m still unable to understand how to get this adapter working on opensuse 11.2 x64. It’s the first time I use linux so please be patient if I ask you obvious things. Thank you all!

Sorry it was my mistake i have installed the usb wireless key and now i’m typing from suse. However I have some other questions:

  • to install ndiswrapper Yast selected something related to kernels: since i have a dual boot pc, now i find windows, suse desktop, suse failsafe and a third suse desktop default. Is this right? which one should I use?
  • every time I log in suse I need to change resolution to the screen, as if suse doesn’t save the settings: is it possible to solve?

Thanks in advance.

Normally you use the suse desktop - or win, if you have to;). The failsafe is only, when there are problems with the “Master” SUSE and you have to run a stable system without every service started to solve your problems. The suse desktop default is another kernel version you can use. As it says, its default.
To solve your resolutionproblem: What grahicdriver do you use? Have you an ati, nvidia or intelcard? Did you run sax2 -r? Did you install the recommended drivers?